Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews


According to Harvard Medical School, most people don’t get enough sleep. Going without adequate sleep carries with it both brief and long-term consequences.

Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews
You deserve great sleep. Really great sleep

In the short term, a lack of adequate sleep can affect judgment, mood, ability to learn and retain information and could increase the chance of serious accidents and harm. In the long run, chronic sleep deprivation may result in a host of health problems including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality.

That is why choosing a excellent mattress is the first thing you must consider to improve your rest during the evening or even mitigate any sleeping problems you might have.

What Sorts of Mattresses Idle Has Got?

Idle, exactly the same as Plushbeds, offers a wide assortment of mattresses, all in one place. Below are the types of mattresses that they have:

The Idle Mattress

Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews
The Idle is a revolution in memory gel foam mattress

The Idle mattress is a revolution in memory gel foam mattress. It’s the company’s entry-level. It’s created with Aircell gel memory foam and comes with seven layers. As it occurs with Idle Gel Plush mattress, it’s single sided. This mattress is the most affordable one of all models offered by Idle.

Layers That Compound The Idle Mattress

Idle Mattress Layers
Idle Mattress Layers

The Idle mattress is constructed with seven layers, described below:

1) Quilted Cover

A premium quality 450GSM quilted cover that’s also washable. It has the benefit of being adaptable as it enables you to feel comfortable when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.

2) A Natural Fire-Resistant Barrier

This is a 100% organic cotton barrier. It has the advantage of being safer and contains none of the nasty stuff you find in other brands, such as petroleum-based artificial nylon or polyester. It is also free of carcinogenic compounds and other toxins.

3) 3″ Supportive Transition Foam Layer

This layer has perforated holes which help the mattress breath and Supply extra responsiveness

4) 7″ Idle High-Density Foam Base

The 7″ base provides superior stability for the other layers. This is why Idle foam gel mattresses peaks 1″ extra compared to other manufacturers and at least 30% denser than the market average, making it extra durable.

5) Fireproof Cloth

100% cotton barrier makes it safer and has none of the nasty stuff just like you find in other brands.

6) Base Cover

This layer is not only washable to keep your mattress clean. The base cover is also durable, and you can replace it in case you need it.

Sizing And Pricing of The Idle Mattress

(H x L x W)
Twin12" x 75" x 38"$449$360
Twin Extra Long (XL)12" x 80" x 38"$519$416
Full12" x 75" x 54"$649$520
Queen12" x 80" x 60"$749$600
King12" x 80" x 76"$949$760
California King12" x 84" x 72"$949$760

The Idle Hybrid Mattress

Idle Hybrid Mattress
Idle Hybrid Mattress

The Idle Hybrid is your company’s most popular mattress, and it’s our favorite as well. Continue reading to find all the information you need about this mattress. The Idle Hybrid, exactly the same as Dunlop Latex and Talalay Latex versions, is double-sided and may be reversed. It combines supportive coils and pressure-relieving foam for the best sleep ever.

Layers That Compound the Idle Hybrid Mattress

Idle Hybrid Mattress Layers
Idle Hybrid Mattress Layers

The IDLE Hybrid mattress is 14″ thick and can be obtained in two firmness settings: Moderate Company (6 to the 1-10 hardness scale) and Business (8 at the same scale)

1) Cover

The cover is made from ThermoCool�”�, a synthetic fabric made of recycled polymers combined with Tencel® lyocell and other fibers. It can help you to feel warm when you’re cold and cool when you feel sexy.

2) A Natural Fire-Resistant Barrier

As It’s free of petroleum-based synthetic polyester or nylon and no carcinogenic compounds, gases, toxins, HCN, HCI, and bromine, rest assured that this is actually a natural coating

3) 1″ of IDLE Contouring Foam

This is the first Idle contouring foam coating, quilted into the cover for added softness and comfort

4) 2″ IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam

Their custom mixed foam responds faster than the common memory foam. It also has better support with up to 4x better pressure relief

5) Support Layer

A supportive transition foam layer

6) 6″ Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils

The shared support core contains a 6″ pocketed coil coating. These coils provide first-class support throughout the mattress and reduce movement transfer to limit motion disturbance for your partner, children, or pet.

Carry Handles and Double Sided

The Idle Hybrid includes handles for simple control of the mattress. Since Idle Hybrid is 2 sided, as soon as you turn your mattress, you have the very same layers.

Sizing And Pricing of The Idle Hybrid Mattress

(H x L x W)
Twin14" x 75" x 38"$1,041$833
Twin Extra Long (XL)14" x 80" x 38"$1,105$884
Full14" x 75" x 54"$1,320$1,056
Queen14" x 80" x 60"$1,420$1,136
King14" x 80" x 76"$1,690$1,352
California King14" x 84" x 72"$1,690$1,352
Split-King13" x 76" x 80"$1,999$1,600

The Idle Gel Plush Mattress

Idle Gel Plush Mattress
Idle Gel Plush Mattress

The Idle Gel Plush is a luxury medium-soft cooling gel foam mattress. It uses premium materials to reevaluate what you should expect from an all-foam mattress . It is not the cheapest option, but it is backed by an 18-month trial, lifetime guarantee, and free returns, as all models Idle has.

Idle Gel Plush Mattress Layers

Idle Plush Mattress Layers
Idle Plush Mattress Layers

1) 1″ Ice Fabric �”� Cover and Bouyancy Foam

This cover is truly remarkable. It is noticeably cooler than a traditional mattress cover. You can literally feel the freshness when you touch it.

2) 1″ Cooling Buoyancy Foam Another cooling layer.

This buoyancy foam was made to feel like traditional foam, but is more responsive, which means it takes the shape of what is placed on it. Once you get up/remove the object from the mattress, it bounces back faster than traditional memory foam.

3) A Natural Fire-Resistant Barrier

This layer is a 100% cotton barrier that protects your bed from potential fire damage in the worst-case scenario.

4) 2″ Gel Infused Buoyancy Foam

This support layer is what provides a fast reaction time and support of the mattress. Reacts faster than memory foam and has better support for more pressure relief.

5) 3″ Idle Memory Foam

The next foam layer of this mattress offers additional support and thermal neutrality so it is more responsive and retains less heat than traditional foam.

6) 8″ Idle High-Density Foam Base

This super thick base provides extra stability for the other layers. This is why Idle foam gel mattresses are 30% thicker than the industry standard.

7) Fireproof Cloth

This is another fire-resistant layer to add security in the event of emergencies. It is 100% cotton and has no petroleum-based synthetic nylon or polyester.

8) Washable Base Cover

The last layer of the mattress is a washable cover. You simply unzip on the side and it’ll be ready to remove and clean it.

Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews

Sizing And Pricing of The Idle Gel Plush Mattress

(H x L x W)
Twin14" x 75" x 38"$799$640
Twin Extra Long (XL)14" x 80" x 38"$849$680
Full14" x 75" x 54"$1,099$880
Queen14" x 80" x 60"$1,249$1,000
King14" x 80" x 76"$1,499$1,200
California King14" x 84" x 72"$1,499$1,200

The Idle Latex Mattress

Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews
Idle Latex Mattress

About latex mattresses, Idle has two versions: the Idle Dunlop and the Idle Talalay. Both are Latex Mattresses made by hands, with 100% organic cotton and natural latex, to create the great firm feeling you expect from latex mattresses.

They have no adhesive or toxins and are hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, and dust-mite resistant. These mattresses are high-quality but not necessarily affordable. If you want more affordable mattresses you may want to take into account the Idle or the Idle Gel Plush mattresses instead.

How Business Is This Mattress?

Like the Idle Hybrid mattress, there are two options of firmness in regards to Idle Latex Mattress: moderate and luxury firm.

You can select between all moderate, all luxury firm, or a mix of both (moderate in 1 side and luxury firm on the other side.)

If you are a combination sleeper (side, back and stomach), the medium hardness level is better suited. If you are a stomach sleeper or a heavier sleeper (300+ lbs.) , the luxury firm would be better suited.

Additionally, the type of latex used may also affect the firmness slightly. Dunlop latex will feel denser, while Talalay latex will feel airier and softer.

How Many Layers Does It Have?

Idle Latex Mattress Layers
Idle Latex Mattress Layers

1) Cover and Yarn Rosettes

The first layer is an all-natural organic cotton coating . This fabric is eco friendly, healthy and allows for airflow. This layer will keep things soft and comfortable on the surface.

2) 1″ Natural Wool

1″ of natural wool that is quilted into the cotton cover for extra comfort and softness. This also acts as a natural flame barrier.

3) 3″ Pure Latex

3″ of 100% pure GOLS accredited Dunlop or Talalay Latex. Both are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so you will sleep better and breathe easier. It makes feel cooler than memory foam to some sleepers.

4) Coil Support

This layer provides the correct tension management at every part of the mattress

5) 6″ Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils

These coils provide lasting support to the spine and back and reduce motion transfer to limit the disturbance of motion from your partner, children, or your pet. The pocket coils are sandwiched between coil support layers which help manage the tension.

The like the Idle Hybrid, Dunlop and Talalay are just two sided and include handles for simple handling of the mattress. You can flip easily and as soon as you turn your mattress; you have the very same layers.

Sizing And Pricing of The Idle Dunlop Latex Mattress

(H x L x W)
Twin14" x 75" x 38"$1,212$970
Twin Extra Long (XL)14" x 80" x 38"$1,284$1,028
Full14" x 75" x 54"$1,998$1,599
Queen14" x 80" x 60"$2,141$1,713
King14" x 80" x 76"$2,427$1,942
California King14" x 84" x 72"$2,427$1,942
Split-King13" x 76" x 80"$2,498$1,999

Sizing And Pricing of The Idle Talalay Latex Mattress

(H x L x W)
Twin14" x 75" x 38"$1,677$1,342
Twin Extra Long (XL)14" x 80" x 38"$1,820$1,456
Full14" x 75" x 54"$1,998$1,599
Queen14" x 80" x 60"$2,677$2,142
King14" x 80" x 76"$3,397$2,718
California King14" x 84" x 72"$3,397$2,178
Split-King13" x 76" x 80"$3,497$2,798

Pros and Cons of Idle Mattress

To outline, and for a quick reference, I have added a table with the pros and cons of Idle mattress


  • Bounce is one of the most plus of Idle mattress. If you are looking for some solid buoyant support, this mattress will be great
  • Multiple firmness options, and the two-side models will continue double, as you are able to flip them from time to time
  • Strong border support
  • Free shipping to contiguous U.S.
  • Very affordable. You can buy a Queen size beginning at only $749
  • You’ve got 18 months to trial and a lifetime guarantee with free returns


  • Motion transfer is a drawback of the Idle mattress, since results from the extreme bounce coming from the foam and the coils
  • Idle is exceptionally difficult to move

What Do People Think About Idle Mattress?

Below are a few of the thousands of testimonials from those who have purchased the Idle mattress. You’ll find more reviews on Idle site.

Bobby Idle Hybrid Review
Your sleep will thank you!

about 24 hours ago

At first I was VERY hesitant of buying a mattress in this price point over the internet. I did more than 8 hours of research; reading reviews, watching YouTube videos, and weighing pros and cons of each mattress. I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to large purchases. Like every brand and produRead more about review stating Your sleep will thank you!ct on the market, everyone is a critic! People with love or hate something with people rarely being middle of the road.

I could not find any negative reviews on the Idle Sleep Hybrid. Surprisingly every review said it was life changing. I immediately told my girlfriend, “I bet the company only posts good reviews”. The overwhelming amount of bad reviews for other mattresses eventually broke me down and I decided to give the Idle Sleep a try. Their no-hassle, no worry guarantee policy eased my worries, so I figured...why not?!?!

The mattress shipped quickly and I was notified in a few days that it was on its way here. I saw the $1,200 draft from my bank account and I immediately started experiencing buyers remorse. The mattress arrived and it was well packaged.

On Idle Hybrid

Karl Idle Hybrid Review
Loving it!

about 24 hours ago

My husband and I both waited anxiously after spending 2 weeks researching mattresses. Once it came having to wait the 24 hrs was so hard! We woke up after our first nights sleep on the mattress and were amazed to have no back pain. I get acupuncture and go to the chiropractor every week. I also sprinkle in a massage here and there and I never wakeRead more about review stating Loving it! up without back pain. Until now! So amazing and their customer service is very responsive too!

On Idle Hybrid

Ben Idle Hybrid Review
Most impressed, no more restless

about 24 hours ago

Even though I've only slept a couple of nights on this I have to say I'm really impressed. Edge support is supreme, I'm sleeping extremely well and no backache or restless legs. My hot sweaty nights seem none existent. Pillows need a couple days to air out but now that I've used them great. I'm beyond happy and looking forward to many years of peaRead more about review stating Most impressed, no more restlessceful sleep. Best price for best bed. What can I say it’s terrific.I look forward to sleep now? Double-sided bed does still exist...WOW

On Idle Hybrid

Wayne Idle Talalay Latex Review
Very Nice Mattress - Very Pleased

about 24 hours ago

I recently purchased a Talalay Latex Hybrid mattress from Idle Sleep. Although the shipping was delayed a few days and I had to make several attempts to contact customer care about the missing memory foam pillows in my order, I am extremely happy I purchased the mattress from Idle Sleep. It is a very heavy mattress, so be prepared. But, once openeRead more about review stating Very Nice Mattress - Very Pleasedd, unrolled and placed on the foundation, it is a pleasure to lay down on it. It took a few days to wear in, but now, it is so comfortable. I have awakened too many days with a sore back, but no more... and I've only had the mattress for a month. I feel like I am getting a better nights sleep with so much less tossing and turning. I'm not saying this mattress will cure all that ails you, but it sure is helping my sore back!

I took some time to research the mattresses out there, read all the reviews I could find, and settled on the Idle Sleep Talalay Latex Hybrid. It's my first time buying a "mail order" mattress and, in my opinion, I found the best mattress out there. The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because of the difficulty I had getting customer care to respond. Once you get them, they are very helpful though!

On Talalay Latex

Natalie Idle Hybrid Review
Well Constructed Mattress

about 24 hours ago

This mattress is very comfortable and well constructed. I have only uses it a couple of nights, but so far my back pain is improving. I work 12 hour shifts on the frontlines of the epidemic and I really need a good rest right now. This mattress all seems like it will last a long time. I got the luxury firm and it is firm but not too firm or hard. Read more about review stating Well Constructed MattressLove it. Set up was simple as well.

On Idle Hybrid

Rachel Idle Hybrid Review
I love this mattress!

about 24 hours ago

I love our new Idle Hybrid mattress! We've had it about two and a half weeks now and I love the cushiony support. I feel like we're sleeping in a very nice hotel!! We can finally sleep on our backs without waking up with back pain. I spent every day for several weeks pouring over articles all over the Internet looking for a mattress. We wanted a mRead more about review stating I love this mattress!attress that was flippable because we knew from experience that it would wear better over time. After much research, we decided that we wanted to also try one that had the comfort of memory foam and support of coil springs. Originally the Idle mattress was out of our budget but after researching other options, we felt like it was worth the extra cost because it was exactly what we were looking for plus extra features like cooling foam and made in the USA. What I love most is that when my husband and I get in and out of bed, we don't feel the other one moving around due to the pocketed coil springs which don't transfer motion. However, for the times when we do want motion, it works very nicely and is super quiet. 🙂 We are very happy with our purchase!

On Idle Hybrid

Beautyrest Black Firm Mattress Reviews




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